Aquatec SN-200 Snorkel

Aquatec SN-200 Snorkel

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Proprietary dry valve silicone snorkel.


SN-200 Dive Snorkel is AQUATEC newly developed semi-dry diving snorkel original semi-dry diving snorkel gear plus a number of features, such as semi-dry 5 water-covered panels system provides a higher dry breathing performance, the special angle high flow and drain valve to allow users to have better facilitate drainage and respiratory action, multi-stage rotatable grip to clip mask strap snorkel gear.

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The swivel breathing tube can quick link mirror or demolition, SN-200 diving scuba snorkel is currently available to worldwide market.

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • Splash guard to channel incoming water away from air passage.
  • 5 water-covered panels system provides high dry performance snorkel.
  • Special angle high flow drain valve to easy exhaust dive snorkel.
  • 3D Mouthpiece to use comfortable and relax diving snorkel.
  • Crystal silicone elbow increase more flexibility scuba diving snorkel.
  • Multi-stage rotatable grip to clip mask strap snorkel gear.
  • 3D angle tube provide excellent ergonomic dive snorkel.
  • Material: Silicone mouthpiece with a purge valve for easily water clearance.
  • Color: Blue color tube and transparent silicone dive snorkel.

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