About us


A good foundation is needed to create the strongest structure....

We spent most of 2018 listening, studying and learning. We implemented many different systems for pricing, inventory and accounting, learning from each mistake and correcting it. Our Trade and Retail Catalogs all began to take shape and are now (in early 2019) at a place we are happy with.

We needed MORE!

Although happy with just Poseidon and Aquatec, we realized that we needed a well rounded product supply operation to be successful. Between mid 2018 and early 2019 we added many more brands to our arsenal. Our biggest addition would end up being Ocean Management Systems (OMS) in January 2019. We also made some frendships and began trade and retail distribution of products such as Sharkskin, Analox, OTS, XDeep and Divepro.

Thank you to our friends and family

For most of 2018 we kept our operation slow, by choice. We knew there were going to be mistakes with all these new exciting things happening and wanted to keep our products and brand in control. We accomplished this by focusing on our trusted network that we had developed over the years of diving in Thailand. We offered incredible deals to these friends and in return asked for their patience and to grow together with us through the pains.

Boots on the ground...

By the end of 2018 we were ready to start approaching new customers, we could taste the success from our development period within our network. Our catalogs were near completion. We had a very large and diverse inventory built up in Thailand and a nice store front to display it all. More and more products from around the world were becoming available to us and people were starting to talk about "the Poseidon guys"

Dive Ventures Bangkok


54 Soi 6, Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok 10250

Dive Ventures Koh Tao


Product Line-up

Our product lineup includes; Aquatec, OMS, Poseidon, XDeep, DivePro, Sharkskin, Deepblu, Analox, OTS, Molecular, Snorklean, Leptonix and more to come. We are committed to providing quality equipment and service to all our customers