Aquatec Twin Tank Spacer

Aquatec Twin Tank Spacer

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Twin Tank Spacer.


Use this tank band for diving with two regular scuba tanks to separate the cylinders for transport or filling without having to remove them from the tank bands. A soft tank band with plastic buckle for twin-tank diving. Mounting hardware is available for creating independent doubles and for mounting pony bottles to single and double cylinders. The band holds the two tanks together in a firm grip. Suits tech diving.

Scuba Tank Back Pace Spacer, Tank Bank Spacer, Scuba Spacer Block, Scuba Separator Block

Aquatec SP-100 Scuba Tank back pace spacer. Used with two cam bands or (to stabilize a twin set if a twin boot is not used) for extra-long band and block as a set. This system represents a substantially better way to mount two separate single cylinders to back plates, and similar harnesses. The key to the system is an interlocking. A quick-release tank band passes through each component.

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