Aquatec MP-950 Scuba Mouthpiece

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Anatomical physiological Mouthpiece.
(Non-toxic food grade)
Color: Black, clear, Yellow, Pink, blue.


Anatomical Physiological Mouthpiece, Mares JAX Mouthpiece

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • MP-950. Fitness Mouthpiece Instruction.
  • Parts. 1: Holder (Black color).
  • Parts 2: Customization Mouthpiece..
  • UP marks: This side faces up. (upper teeth).
  • A. Insert the Holder to the Mouthpiece correctly.
  • B. Immerse the mouthpiece in boding water for 15 seconds, do not immerse the mouthpiece beyond the line indicates.
  • C. Shake off any water after removing from the boiling water.
  • D. Place the mouthpiece in the mouth immediately for 2 minutes, close the mouth, suck out all air and water. Massage the cheeks firmly at the same time with the fingers, remove the mouthpiece and place it in cold water for 3 minutes.
  • E. Insert the Mouthpiece in the mouth again, and if it is not fit, repeat from point A.
  • F. Insert the mouthpiece to oral and tighten with cable tight supplied.
  • Warming advice:
  • . Any excess material after customization can be removed using scissors.
  • . Mouthpiece can be re-shaped several times.
  • Color: Have 4 colors
  • Clear, Blue, Yellow, Black

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