Aquatec Mp-400 Scuba Mouthpiece

Aquatec Mp-400 Scuba Mouthpiece

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Non-toxic silicone mouthpiece
Color: Black or Transparent.

MP-400 (BLACK)

As part of our diving accessories, MP-400 scuba mouthpiece, a conventional scuba mouthpieces use an extremely flexible material in order to adjust to all the various configurations of teeth and jaws required by the our special design, soft silicone. This scuba mouthpiece fits YOUR mouth, a labial flange acts to aid the lip seal and an interdental bite platform is gripped between the divers? teeth.

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Accommodates the natural overbite of the human jaw and it have "bite-tabs" that require you to hold the mouthpiece in your teeth. MP-400 diving mouthpiece ensures the greatest airway efficiency and also results in a design which provides the least temporomandibular joint comfort for the diver. With a MP-400 scuba mouthpiece, your regulator will be held in position every time you dive without any fatigue at all. This standard clear and black silicone mouthpiece is universal and will fit a large variety of regulators out there. The dive mouthpieces are steam autoclavable, pasteurizable, and liquid sterilizable. Our concept which, until now, used on most standard diving equipment, and the entire scuba mouthpiece market.

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • Material: non-toxic Silicone.
  • Color:Black
  • ? Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
  • ? Diving Equipment customization.
  • ? Manufactured by: Aquatec

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